Which luxury brands sell best on Vinted?

For the first time, Vinted publishes a trend report dedicated to the luxury sector, revealing the brands most prized by its community. Paris Select tells you all about it!

Si Vinted is today a goldmine for finding low-cost nuggets… This second-hand platform has also become a benchmark for finding the finest luxury items. In a recent report, Vinted confirmed its intention to strengthen its position in the second-hand luxury goods market.

To this end, the platform has introduced a new verification option for premium articles. This fee-based service, provided by experts based in Hamburg and London, is currently deployed in nine countries. It covers prestigious brands such as Bottega Veneta, Céline and Jacquemus. The scheme is set to be extended to other houses and markets in the coming months.

So what are the best-selling luxury brands on Vinted?

Vinted luxury

In recent months, some of the most expensive items sold on Vinted include the Hermès Kelly bag, the Datejust Rolex and the classic Chanel flap bag,” says Vinted in a statement. Top sellers on the platform this year include the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM tote bag and Moncler’s Maya jacket. The Dior B22 sneakers were particularly popular with French users… While the Dutch preferred Maison Margiela’s Tabi boots .

Internationally, Louis Vuitton , Chanel and Gucci dominate sales on Vinted in 2024. Hermès, Prada, Dior and Saint-Laurent are also among the best-selling prestige labels. Conversely, Spanish brand Balenciaga recorded a slight drop in sales. In jewelry, Cartier shows an upward trend. By country, Chanel, Hermès and Dior are the best-selling brands in France. In Germany, Céline and Bottega Veneta are highly sought-after, while in Spain, interest is focused on Omega and Loewe.

Finally, Vinted also notes clear differences in buying and selling habits between countries. In Italy, for example, there are more sellers than buyers of second-hand fashion products. On the other hand, France is a major buying center, with more buyers than sellers,” explains Cécile Wickmann, Senior Director of the Luxury Goods sector.

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