Meeting with Ines de la Fressange: the icon of Parisian style launches her first line of perfumes

Ines de la Fressange has always embodied the ultimate personification of Parisian chic. There’s no need to introduce this icon, simultaneously feminine and relaxed, whom the entire fashion sphere admires! On the occasion of the launch of her very first collection of perfumes, Paris Select went to meet the former top model turned author, creator, and indispensable figure in the fashion world.

Was the idea of ​​creating a perfume suggested to you, or was it something that had been brewing in your mind for a while?

“I wanted to do it because I didn’t really like what I found in perfumeries lately, and I dreamed of a traditional perfume. Something from the great French perfumery, something elegant but not overwhelming! The idea was suggested to me, but I knew it was going to be difficult… I arrived at the first meeting with the perfumers and I told them, ‘Listen, I’m a terrible pain, I hate everything, I don’t like these bottles, these aggressive scents… I don’t like anything that’s being done. I’m willing to create a perfume but it’s going to be difficult, it’s going to take years!'”

How did they react then?

“Oh, it didn’t seem to bother them! They were very calm, smiling. They were taking notes of everything I was saying, what I liked, what I didn’t like… And already at the second meeting, they had prepared samples for me to smell. I was impressed because I really liked them a lot. They shut me up!”

Speaking of the perfumers, Delphine Lebeau and Sophie Labbé told us that you had chosen them?

“Yes! Actually, I vaguely looked at the perfumes they had done before without knowing much about it, but in the photos, they seemed really nice! And as soon as I met them, I loved them right away. They were really kind and talented.”

When it comes to perfumes, are you more into woody, fruity, floral scents…?

“So I prefer woody scents… I adore vintage perfumes.”

Are you loyal when it comes to perfumes?

“Yes, once I find a perfume I like, I stick with it. I don’t understand those women who have a perfume for daytime, one for nighttime, one for summer, one for winter… It would be like changing my mind!”

Is there one that has been with you throughout your life? 


“Yes, for a very long time, I wore Mitsouko by Guerlain. In fact, when my daughters were little, they would say, ‘Mom, you’re wearing moustiko,’ so they absolutely didn’t want me to wear it!”

So, is that the one that defines you the most?


“Hmmm, I would say that perfumes change about every decade. You wear one for 10 years, and then, poof, you switch! Today, the one that defines me the most is Blanc Chic. I feel like it has been around forever, it’s subtle, elegant, and very refined…”

So in the signature collection, Blanc Chic is your favorite. What about the travel line?


“In the travel line, I really like Indigo Kimono; it’s very pretty, and I could easily wear it too.”

Model, fashion designer, perfumery creator, author… In which field do you feel most fulfilled?

“You know, for me, anything creative is fascinating. Drawing something, whether it’s a shoe, a bag, or a piece of clothing, and then seeing the prototype, it’s always a magical experience.”

You never stop! What are your future projects? Are there any new collaborations on the horizon?

“Well, last year, I published a book featuring portraits of men, Parisians, and it did really well, so I’d like to do the same thing with women. I need to discuss it with my publisher! Meanwhile, I’ve been collaborating with Frédéric Périgot for Monoprix for 2 years now. It’s about decor, outdoor furniture for camping but hyper-glamorous and, most importantly, at Monoprix prices! Proving that we can make quality products at an affordable price is really what I love. And then there’s also my 13th collection with Uniqlo… We’ve never seen such a long-lasting collaboration! Every time, my approach is to ask myself, ‘What would I like to find at this or that brand?'”

It’s very nice to see that you’re interested in what’s accessible

“Yes, that’s really what I love: showing that we can create quality at reasonable prices and that luxury and elegance can become more accessible. It’s very important to me, coming from a world of high luxury and couture. The challenge of creating something both good and accessible is very interesting to me. Look, if I design a 10-ply cashmere sweater, it will be sumptuous but sold at an exorbitant price… It’s very easy to do that! So, for me, all these collaborations are a real challenge.”

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