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“Chagall, Paris – New York” at the Atelier des Lumières

Chagall at the Atelier des Lumières
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The Atelier des Lumières is hosting the new immersive exhibition “Chagall, Paris – New York”.

It highlights the prolific and unclassifiable creations of the artist Marc Chagall. This exhibition presents all of his work. In particular, enjoy works never exhibited before, testifying to the artistic and cultural advances of his century.

You will have the opportunity to discover a selection of emblematic paintings by Chagall, some of his most famous series such as “Les Amoureux”, “Les Fables”, “Le Cirque”…

Classical and contemporary music accompanies the projections to create an immersive and harmonious atmosphere.

Paris and New York, two emblematic cities of modern art, were key stages in Chagall's career. Paris played a very important role in the life of Marc Chagall. In 1910, he moved there to study at the École des Beaux-Arts. Chagall was heavily influenced by the avant-garde artistic movements of the time, such as Fauvism and Cubism. Paris is also the place where Chagall met some of his greatest artist friends. Among them we find Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Delaunay and Fernand Léger. He produced much of his work in Paris, including the famous Les Amoureux series of paintings.

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Chagall and the Opera Garnier in Paris

In 1964, Chagall was commissioned to create a new ceiling for the Opéra Garnier in Paris. This work is one of his most famous achievements.

The work was inaugurated in 1964 to celebrate Chagall's 80th birthday and 20 years since the liberation of Paris. This commission represented a challenge for Chagall, who had never worked on such a scale before. The ceiling of the Paris Opera is 220 square meters, it is divided into 12 panels. This spectacular painting depicts muses, musical instruments, and elements of opera and dance. Chagall incorporated his unique style into it. Mixing bright colors and whimsical patterns, to create a spectacular vibrant and dynamic ceiling.

Chagall's ceiling was met with mixed opinions upon its initial presentation. Indeed, some critics considered it too modern and not traditional enough for a place as prestigious as the Paris Opera. Nevertheless, today it is considered one of Paris' artistic treasures, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

The Chagall exhibition at the Atelier des Lumières is widely acclaimed by the public and art critics. This immersive artistic experience is considered a new and original way to discover the works of Chagall and appreciate them in a different light. This event is a real success for the Atelier des Lumières and for the Parisian art scene.


To visit the Opéra Garnier in Paris!


Lights Workshop, 38 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris

Opera Garnier in Paris, Pl. de l'Opera, 75009 Paris


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