Les Deux Magots opens the literary prizes

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Outside, between the green foliage of the terrace, the clamor rustles. That of reunions, of distinguished and courteous greetings from the guests. Friends. Friends of friends… This year, the price of Deux Magots opens the season literary prizes, on the occasion of his 90 spring.

Who will be the lucky one who succeeds Louis-Henri de La Rochefoucauld, the winner of the Deux Magots 2022 prize, author of the novel Sand castle (published by Robert Laffont)? 

The jurors revealed their first selection. A first list that, usually, the jurors make public in November in order to reveal their winner in January. Small revolution for the 90th anniversary of the prize, the jury, chaired by Etienne de Montety, director of Figaro Littéraire, and Catherine Mathivat, the owner of the café restaurant, decided that the reward would be awarded this time, on September 25. Back to basics...The first editions of this prize took place in the fall...

Catherine Mathivat

Within the list? Confirmed authors: Carole Fives, Nicolas Chemla and the philosopher Gaspard Koenig. Note the names of four first-time novelists: Amaury Barthet, Julie Héraclès, Cécile Tlili, Éric Chacour.

Below, the first selection of the 2023 literary vintage:

Amaury Barthet, The Diploma, (Albin Michel); Guy Boley, To my and only sister, (Grasset); Eric Chacour, What I know about you, (Philippe Rey);  Nicolas Chemla, The Abyss, (Le Cherche Midi); Luc Chomarat, The back-to-school book, (La Manufacture); Carole Fives, The day and the hour, (JC Lattès); Julie Heracles, You know nothing about me, (JC Lattès); Dorothée Janin, The Rebellion of the Lost Girls, (Stock); Gaspard Koenig, Humus, (The Observatory); Cécile Tlily, A simple dinner, (Calmann-Levy)…

The second selection made it possible to retain only a handful, in the starting blocks...And suddenly, the finish line... Only one author would cross it, on this sunny Monday at the beginning of autumn.

Inside this cultural and popular place of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, completely different atmosphere. Contrast with the cheerfulness resonating on the terrace. Studious atmosphere…. Under the impassive statuettes of Two Maggots, these two Chinese figurines from the XNUMXth century, the moment is one of concentration and whispering, around the large rectangular table. 

In conclave, the members of the jury met there to elect the 90th winner of the prize. 

Time passes, the temperature rises in the vast room almost too small to contain the clusters of cameras, the hive of photographers and the journalists dressed to the nines. Difficult, but ultimately not impossible, to sneak into the front row...

The jury has deliberated! 

At half past twelve, these ladies and gentlemen delivered their verdict. The president of the jury has the honor of announcing the name of the winner after a vote that is said to be very close: smiling and full of confidence, Etienne de Montety announces the long-awaited information on the microphone. “After deliberations of the jury, Guy Boley, wins on September 25, 2023, the 90th literary prize of Deux Magots with his work entitled To my only sister, published by Grasset ». A flowerbed ofHappy few celebrates the event in this mecca of culture and jazz but not only. 

Long live the book and the freedom of spirit so precious, so dear to the Deux Magots! And congratulations to Guy Boley. The opportunity for the general public to discover Elisabeth Förster, this only sister of Friedrich Nietzsche. 

By Lucile Gélébart

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