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The Two Magots see life in verse

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At Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, lovers of the fifth art have been delighted. A festive Monday evening, enhanced by the presence and reading of poems by the actor Thibault de Montalembert. The Apollinaire Prize, which honors poetry, gave rise to an evening showered with distinctions. Les Deux Magots saw life in verse, this Monday, November 13.

Confirmed poets and very promising beginner writers were rewarded for their verse. The perfect opportunity to raise so many more throughout this star-studded November 13th. More than ten collections selected this summer. Then the second selection, when autumn comes, the one where the noose tightens. In the end, two authors instead of just one.

Les Deux Magots

The Apollinaire Prize and its younger sister, the Apollinaire Discovery Prize

The literary prize season had opened right here at Deux Magots. It is currently in full swing, with the very recent proclamations of Goncourt, Medici, Femina, Flore and with the presentation of the Interallié prize approaching…

At the height of the literary prize season, the faithful of Les Deux Magots are celebrating. After Guy Boley's award (Deux Magots prize on September 25), the weather is less clement today. But the jury is just as focused. An event made possible thanks to the valuable support of Catherine Mathivat, president of Deux Magots, author of the prize fund.

The 2023 Laureates

“Guillaume Apollinaire had his table and his habits at Deux Magots” smiles the hostess.
Thus, in the presence of an audience of happy few, the president of the Prix Apollinaire, Jean-Pierre Siméon, and the general secretary Linda Maria Baros cut short the suspense.
Out of ten preselected works, one was distinguished: Temporary Death, by Patrick Laupin, published by Éditions la Rumeur Libre. This man of letters and confirmed poet has authored more than thirty works.

Of the five other poets seeking the Apollinaire Discovery Prize, it was the very promising Victor Malzac, the winner, at the age of 26. His collection entitled Vacance, published by Éditions Cheyne, won over the jury. Hearts up, like a very poetic Monday evening at Deux Magots!

Lucile Gelebart 

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