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The must-see Christmas films

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Christmas movie season is finally here, and with it, the infectious excitement of the holiday season. It's that time of year when fireplaces crackle, streets light up with sparkling decorations, and families come together to celebrate the magic of Christmas. But there is one tradition that holds a special place in our hearts during this time: watching Christmas movies. Whether you're a fan of sweet romantic comedies, a fanatic of timeless classics, or a fan of new releases, there's something for everyone. In this article, we will guide you through must-see Christmas movies of this season, from those who bring warmth and laughter to those who warm our hearts with their magical charm. So, get ready to dive into the enchanted world of Christmas films and discover the cinematic gems that make our screens shine during this magical time.

The expected new features

“The Christmas Chronicles 2”: The New Adventures of Santa Claus

After the success of “The Christmas Chronicles”, the long-awaited sequel takes us on new magical adventures with Santa Claus. This time, Santa teams up with Kate Pierce to stop an evil spirit from ruining Christmas. With its blend of adventure, comedy and magic, “The Christmas Chronicles 2” promises to be a festive getaway not to be missed.

“Last Christmas”: A romantic comedy set to songs by George Michael

“Last Christmas” is a romantic comedy set in London during the Christmas period and features the iconic songs of George Michael. The story follows Kate, a young woman who works as an elf in a Christmas store, and her encounter with Tom, a mysterious man who will change her life. This film promises to combine romance, catchy music and a touch of Christmas magic.

“Happiest Season”: A lesbian love story during Christmas time

“Happiest Season” is a Christmas romantic comedy that follows the story of Abby, who plans to propose to her girlfriend Harper during the holidays. However, things get complicated when Abby discovers that Harper hasn't yet come out to her conservative family. This touching story addresses themes of acceptance and love during the holiday season.

These new releases promise to add new layers of emotion and entertainment to the list of must-watch Christmas movies this year.

Films for the whole family

“Frozen”: Sisters Anna and Elsa return for Christmas

“Frozen” fans will be delighted to find Anna, Elsa, Olaf and their friends for a new winter adventure. This short Christmas special, titled "Olaf's Frozen Adventure," follows Olaf as he travels the kingdom of Arendelle in search of family traditions for Anna and Elsa. With music, humor and tender moments, this film is perfect for the whole family this holiday season.

“Klaus”: The origin story of Santa Claus

“Klaus” is a charming story that tells the origin of Santa Claus in a new and captivating way. When a young postman named Jesper is sent to the cold and remote town of Smeerensburg, he meets Klaus, a mysterious carpenter who makes toys. This animated film combines beautiful animation, a touching story and a message of generosity that make it an ideal family film for the holiday season.

“Noelle”: A comedy starring Anna Kendrick as Santa’s daughter

“Noelle” is a light comedy that stars Anna Kendrick as Santa’s daughter. When her brother, who was supposed to take over as Santa Claus, disappears, Noëlle goes looking for him to bring him back in time for Christmas. With its humor and message about the spirit of Christmas, “Noelle” is an ideal option for a family movie night.

These films are designed to entertain young and old alike, creating magical memories during the Christmas period.

Christmas comedies

“Elf”: The hilarious adventures of an elf in New York

“Elf” is a must-have of the holiday season for those looking to laugh and feel the magic of Christmas. The film tells the story of Buddy, an elf who discovers that he is actually a human being and who sets out to find his father in New York. Will Ferrell hilariously plays the character Buddy, creating a festive comedy full of memorable moments and laughs.

“Bad Moms 2”: Mothers in Christmas mode

If you're looking for a Christmas comedy that mixes humor and realism, "Bad Moms 2" is an ideal option. The three mothers from the first film are back to face the pressures of the holiday season. When their own mothers visit them for Christmas, chaos ensues, creating comical situations and moments of mother-daughter bonding.

“A Christmas Prince”: A royal romance at Christmas

For those who love romantic Christmas movies, “A Christmas Prince” is a charming story not to be missed. The plot revolves around a journalist who poses as a schoolteacher to investigate an unmarried prince in a small European country. Between the fairytale settings, elegant gowns and budding feelings, this film offers a royal romance perfect for the season.

These Christmas comedies will bring lightness and laughter to your evenings this holiday season, making each viewing a joyful experience.

Timeless classics

“Mom, I Missed the Plane”: A Hilarious Solo Adventure for Kevin McCallister

In this '90s classic, Kevin McCallister, a mischievous young boy, accidentally finds himself home alone during Christmas vacation when his family goes on a trip. The ensuing comedy, filled with hilarious tricks to defend your home against burglars, has become a must-see for families everywhere. Kevin's adventures remind us of the importance of family and love during the holiday season.

“The Pôle Express”: A magical journey to Santa Claus

Adapted from the beloved book by Chris Van Allsburg, “The Pole Express” takes us on an extraordinary train journey to the North Pole. This animated film highlights the magic of Christmas and the belief in what is invisible to the naked eye. With its captivating story and magnificent animation, “The Pole Express” is a Christmas classic that touches the hearts of everyone, young and old.

“Love Actually”: The love story that takes place during the holidays

“Love Actually” is a romantic film set against the backdrop of the holiday season in London. With a star-studded cast, this romantic comedy interweaves the destinies of several characters and explores themes of love, family and human connection during the Christmas season. This film will make you laugh, cry and believe in the magic of love at Christmas.

Streaming movies

Streaming platforms to watch Christmas movies

The magic of Christmas films is now just a click away thanks to streaming platforms. Giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu offer a multitude of Christmas films in their libraries. You can also check out streaming services that specialize in Christmas movies such as Hallmark Movies Now.

The Benefits of Streaming During the Holiday Season

Streaming offers the benefit of flexibility. You can watch Christmas movies anytime, depending on your busy holiday schedule. Additionally, these platforms often offer personalized recommendations based on your preferences, allowing you to discover new Christmas movies tailored to your tastes.

Some recommendations for Christmas movies on streaming platforms

  • Netflix : Netflix has a wide selection of Christmas movies, from classics to new releases. Be sure to check out titles like “The Christmas Chronicles,” “The Princess Switch,” and “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.”
  • Disney + : For a touch of Disney magic, don’t miss “Home Alone” and “The Santa Clause” available on Disney+.
  • Amazon Prime Video : This platform offers popular Christmas films like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Elf", as well as original Christmas films such as "The Holiday" and "A Very Merry Bridesmaid".
  • Hallmark Movies Now : If you're looking for romantic Christmas movies, Hallmark Movies Now is the perfect destination with a wide range of romantic-themed Christmas movies.

Streaming lets you create your own Christmas movie marathon to celebrate the season in a festive and entertaining way. So, sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy these wonderful Christmas movies available to stream.

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