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Snake & Twist: this high-end pilates class that Parisians love

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If you don't yet know the Snake & Twist concept, you will be a total fan of it by the end of this article! An intensive, fun pilates class with music that all Parisians already love. The result: stunning results in record time. Founder Marcia Segal even told us some exclusive secrets.

Snake & Twist is the new trendy concept Fitness. With three fitness rooms in Paris (9 rue Rodier in the 9th and 66bis rue Saint Didier in the 16th), it stands out as the unmissable event for sportswomen. A fourth address on rue de Courcelles will also see the light of day shortly.

Lagree-style pilates

If Snake & Twist stood out so much, it’s thanks to the Lagree-style pilates method. Imported by the pilates expert Marcia Segal (and also founder of Snake & Twist) this Pilates practice increases the effects thanks to “Megaformer” machines. Machines with handles, straps, springs, pulleys and weights, which give rhythm to each movement. The feeling is intensified, the gestures are more precise and the muscles are worked in depth. The adaptation does not seem so obvious, but trying them means adopting them!

Lagree-style pilates is a high-intensity, low-impact muscular endurance workout. The postures are relatively simple but require a certain amount of physical strength to deal with the resistance of the machine.

Snake & Twist's Mega Full Body class

To test this method, there is nothing like a training course. Mega Full Body. In 50 minutes, you will explore every muscle in your body, to music and in a good mood. The teachers are energetic and always attentive to the members of the class. With 10 machines per class, we train in the privacy of a small committee of men and women who have come to achieve the same objectives.
With 3 classes per week, you refine your silhouette and significantly reshape your muscles. No wonder the method is such a hit across the Atlantic!

A concept created by Marcia Segal

Who better than the founder herself to tell us about her concept? Snake & Twist was created 6 years ago with a very precise line of thought. That of “anything is possible” and “we can build the life we ​​want, as long as we are sufficiently invested”. Marcia has surrounded herself with teachers who share the same passion for fitness as her.

Of Mexican origin and having lived for years in the United States, Marcia Segal was surprised not to find Pilates in France, where she has lived for 20 years now. She wanted to find studios open day and night, every day of the year with the good humor and warmth specific to Miami. His goal ? Giving your customers the best 50 minutes of their life.

Beyond a physical course, Snake & Twist delivers an experience. That of feeling that everything is possible, of belonging to a family and of having common goals. With teachers from all over the world (Brazil, Ukraine, Italy, Peru, England), Marcia wanted a solar, dynamic and cosmopolitan concept.

Advice from Marcia Segal

We ended this article with valuable and exclusive advice from Marcia Segal. Her advice, but above all the precepts that allow her to maintain her champion mindset. To start the year 2024 properly, here is the complete list, which we will also hasten to follow to the letter:

  1. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is beneficial for mental health and overall well-being.
  2. Take the time to practice. Put it in your diary and book your class 4 times a week. Snake & Twist offers classes all day from 6 a.m. to 22 p.m.
  3. Eat well. In addition to eating enough fruits, vegetables and grains, focus on protein in the morning.
  4. Prioritize your sleep. A good night's sleep will allow you to fully benefit from the effects of your workouts. Your body will assimilate all the nutrients of the day.

So, are you ready to get back into shape? Appointment on the Snake & Twist website to book your session.

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