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The 2024 Olympic Games in Versailles: A meeting between sport and history

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The year 2024 will mark an exceptional moment in the history of Versailles. From July 27 to August 11, then from September 3 to 7, the park of the Palace of Versailles will be the scene of the Olympic Games. It will host equestrian competitions, the modern pentathlon, as well as para-riding events. It is a fascinating marriage between the grandeur of history and the passion of sport.

A majestic setting for sport

The Palace of Versailles, one of the most iconic historic sites in France, will be transformed into a competition arena for these exceptional Olympic Games. The equestrian events, including show jumping, dressage and eventing, will be held in this enchanting setting.

High-level ephemeral installations

In order to guarantee the smooth running of the competitions, the teams will set up temporary installations around the Grand Canal. Among them, a quarry with stands that can accommodate up to 16 spectators. As well as obstacles and sports tracks for cross-country. Everything is carefully planned to meet the highest standards.

Preserve history and nature

The protection and integrity of the historic site, on an architectural, plant and environmental level, are an absolute priority. The Paris 2024 teams ensure that each ephemeral development preserves the beauty and richness of the site. After the Games, the infrastructure will be dismantled, making way for the historic splendor of the Versailles park.

A cultural heritage

In addition to the sporting impact, the 2024 Olympic Games in Versailles leave a lasting cultural legacy. The Royal Star gate is currently benefiting from a fundamental restoration carried out by the public establishment. A long-term commitment which demonstrates the Palace of Versailles' attachment to the Olympic heritage.

Total commitment

For more than two years, the teams at the Palace of Versailles have been mobilizing to bring this extraordinary project to life. Architects, gardeners, fountain engineers, project managers, legal and administrative services worked hand in hand with Paris 2024 to realize this unique vision. This commitment will continue until the site is completely restored after the Games.

Beyond technical expertise, the Palace of Versailles is involved in all aspects of the Olympic Games. From the quality of the welcome to the cultural offering, including the accessibility of the site and the promotion of its heritage. This exceptional event underlines the high standards of the teams. And help to make these Olympic Games in Versailles a memorable encounter between sport and history.

Château de Versailles – Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles

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