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Where to rent luxury dresses and accessories for your next parties?

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For all those who would like to go shopping on Avenue Montaigne without getting angry with their banker and who are fed up with fast fashion. For others who don't want to wear the same dress twice or who never find a shoe that fits them, we have unearthed a marvel of the shopping sphere: the rental of luxury brands, with Une Robe Un Soir. For an occasion, treat yourself to the outfit of your dreams, made by world-renowned designers. Come on, let's have fun!


You must surely tell yourself that there must be a problem somewhere, that you misread. But no, we reassure you, you have understood the message. One Evening Dress we rent luxury rooms for a short period, the time of an evening, a wedding, or even a week. For all sizes, all skin or hair colors and all morphologies, the founders of this company aim to make us canon in one click. Wherever you are in France, we have the possibility of renting the best of fashion, at the most affordable prices.

To get an idea, the legendary Chanel Timeless leather bag has an original value of €3250. With One Evening Dress, if we rent this same bag for 4 days, we will have for the adorable sum of 120€. In terms of outfits, a classic tuxedo from Ralph Lauren, which would cost €2550 to purchase, costs us €220 for 4 days of rental. In case of tight budget, this is the dream. The icing on the cake is the ecological aspect found in renting, unlike buying. By absolutely wanting to own a good, a garment, our wardrobe creaks and we end up not knowing where to turn. What we don't necessarily know is that a dress is on average worn 1.5 times. This is where renting makes sense! With it, we savor a sophisticated look over a short period of time. Simply enough!

The experience does not stop at the simple rental of a piece from a great designer. Since if we want, we can come and try on the outfit of our dreams at the showroom ofOne Evening Dress. All we have to do is make an appointment and presto! We are surrounded by wonders! To top it off, a online stylist can guide us in our choices. And then, because we are eternally undecided, with Une Robe Un Soir, if we hesitate on the piece of our choice, we have the possibility of adding a second dress to our order for free. This model will be that of a fitting and will not be invoiced to us in the only case where we end up opting for this one.

In short, Une Robe Un Soir is the idea of ​​two women who hatched a little over a year ago, and is already a reference in the field. It offers the luxury experience that makes you smile.

Note that home delivery and dry cleaning are included in the rental price. The minimum rental time is 4 days.

Where to find the Une Robe Un Soir showroom? 45 rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris

Phone: 07 64 59 22 64

For more information, you can also contact the showroom at or go to website right here

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