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Sofitel and Courbet: An exceptional collaboration to celebrate 60 years of responsible luxury

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Sofitel and Courbet combine their know-how to create an iconic jewelry collection, embodying French elegance and commitment to eco-responsibility. Sofitel and Courbet: an exceptional collaboration to celebrate 60 years of responsible luxury!

A story of passion and commitment

For 60 years, Sofitel has embodied excellence in luxury hotels. Founded on values ​​of authenticity and sustainability, the brand has in fact consolidated its commitment to positive impact on the environment and local communities. This year, to celebrate its diamond jubilee, Sofitel is joining forces with Courbet, the first jeweler responsible for Place Vendôme. Together, they create a unique jewelry line, combining luxury and eco-responsibility.

Courbet, founded in 2018, is a pioneer in its eco-responsible approach to jewelry. Its jewelry, designed with ethical concerns and cutting-edge technologies, embody the excellence of French know-how. Synthetic diamonds, created in a laboratory, come with the same quality certifications as their mined counterparts. Mounted on 18-carat recycled gold pieces, these jewels meet the strictest quality standards while respecting the environment.

Sofitel and Courbet: A collection symbol of excellence

The collaboration between Sofitel and Courbet gives rise to a collection of 18 unique jewelry creations. Each piece of jewelry is a unique interpretation of the Sofitel symbol, the Cultural Link, which represents the union between world cultures. This collection, available on and in Sofitel establishments around the world, celebrates the meeting between two French Houses of excellence. And who share the same vision of responsible luxury.

A shared commitment to a better future

For Maud Bailly, General Director of Sofitel Legend, this collaboration is an obvious choice to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary. Likewise, for Manuel Mallen, Founder and President of Courbet, this union perfectly embodies the vision of a future where good and beauty go hand in hand. Together, Sofitel and Courbet demonstrate that luxury can be synonymous with eco-responsibility. And above all, to inspire a new generation of companies to follow their example.

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by Julie Yapo

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