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How to choose and where to find your engagement ring in Paris?

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Want to ask your girlfriend to marry you? You would like to surprise her with a truly unique engagement ring… Paris Select entrusts you with its best addresses to find the ideal ring, the one that will seal your declaration of love.

Asking for your sweetheart is a unique moment. And to put stars in her eyes and promise her eternal love, there are several codes to respect for a successful marriage proposal. And who says promise, necessarily says engagement ring. To wow his future wife, there are a few criteria to aim for. 

First of all, it is important to probe the style of your partner, without of course being unmasked! If it is rather discreet, opt for a delicate diamond. As far as the shape is concerned, you are spoiled for choice: round, square, pear... If your sweetheart likes originality, it is also possible to choose a colored stone such as amethyst, citrine or even quartz. pink.

Regarding the metal of the ring, we prefer yellow gold, elegant and timeless. For the quality of the diamond, it is important to rely on the famous 4C rule: Carat, Color, Cut & Clarity (in French: carat, color, size and purity). We then try to prioritize the uniqueness of certain brands. Here are our 3 selected addresses for you to find truly stylish jewelry creations. 


Does she like colored gemstones?

Fall for Isabelle Langlois creations 

For an ideal engagement ring, it is also important to choose French know-how. And for that, we already know how to satisfy you!

The designer Isabelle Langlois offers sublime, colorful rings with rare precious stones. The jeweler fashions unique jewelry in their kind. Their styles and their brilliance will undoubtedly dazzle your other half! The label is aimed at women of character, strong and sensitive at the same time. Inspired by her travels punctuated by landscapes as colorful as each other, Isabelle Langlois designs bold and shimmering rings. 

Flora Pansy
You me

Our favorites:

For nature lovers, the model Flora Pansy will be ideal. Several stones in a delicate shades of colors with subtle variations – pink tourmaline, French roses, amethysts and pink sapphires – are arranged like petals on a pink gold ring and the whole forms a sumptuous oversized floral ring. Giving this ring is like inscribing your love in the thoughts of your beloved.  

For those who would like to amaze their sweetheart during the famous moment of opening the box, the jeweler also offers the model You me. Composed of two tone-on-tone colored XXL gems, this duo of stones plays on a contemporary look. Feminine, sparkling and super imposing, this ring will charm your spouse with its unique style.

Isabelle Langlois – 29 Rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris – 01 42 46 75 00


She prefers more classic jewelry?

Opt for Gemmyo models

For ten years now, Gemmyo offers engagement rings in different styles. Not only does the claw have refined collections but it is also possible to create your own completely customizable ring. From the choice of metal, to the shape of the diamond while passing by the manufacture of pieces on demand, you are free to create a ring in the image of the love of your life. Known for having diamonds from AAA quality which signify remarkable shine, size and color, the brand also offers laboratory diamonds.


Our favorite:
The Retroromantic. In white gold, this breathtaking ring of 32 diamonds surrounds a 6mm bright blue aquamarine stone. This solitaire is perfect for the most passionate.

Lefkos. In the shape of the sun, this ring of 42 diamonds encompasses a 4mm sparkling stone. The whole forms a sublime solar and romantic ring.

Gemmyo – 87 Rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris / 21 Street of Seine, 75006 Paris - 01 42 46 90 89


She likes graphic rings? 

Dare the Marli New York style 

Inspired by the streets of New York, Maral Artinian has created jewelry in the image of the cosmopolitan city. With a unique style and architectural and contemporary creations, Marli has succeeded in seducing a new generation of women seeking originality while remaining refined. The label designs emotive pieces that can be worn day and night.

Cleo 2 links

Our favorites:

The ring Cleo in diamonds. Composed of 18 carats, this iconic Marli house is available in yellow, pink or white gold. Inspired by the pyramids of Egypt, this ring pays homage to Cleopatra, symbol of a strong and independent woman.

If your spouse likes refinement, she will appreciate the model Cléo with 2 links. The pink gold of this ring embellished with diamonds all around the ring gives a pure and romantic aspect to the jewel. Your darling will undoubtedly be charmed by the delicate nature of this avant-garde jewellery.

Marli New York – 15 rue Royale, 75008 Paris


Try your ring in augmented reality:

Natural Diamond Council

The choice of a natural diamond engagement ring is often a difficult choice to make. It raises many questions, such as the shape of the diamond, the number of carats, and many more. This is where the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) intervenes to offer a practical and fun solution to the bride and groom. Accessible from a smartphone or a computer, this platform is very practical for couples who wish find a ring online.

The process is simple: the bride and groom simply need to go to the NDC website, where they will be asked to answer a few questions about their diamond preferences. They will be able to choose the shape of the diamond (brilliant cut, cushion cut, emerald, oval, etc.), as well as the number of carats they want.

Once this information has been provided, the NDC website will offer a selection of natural diamond engagement rings who correspond to the criteria of the bride and groom. They will be able to see instantly what the ring will look like on their finger, thanks to a functionality of augmented reality. Makes me want to try!

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