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The 3 star treatments of the Parisian to start the season off right

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What if you took advantage of the start of autumn to do an exceptional beauty reset? Focus on the three star treatments from Maison Eiffel Esthétique, which offer real enhancement to your skin.

Redness, tightness, spots… Is your skin sounding the alarm? Normal, it's autumn. And who says new season says new treatments stars. But before swapping your moisturizing fluid for a more nourishing cream, it is important to rebalance your skin microbiome. His role ? Protect the skin from external aggressions thanks to billions of micro-organisms, often called “good bacteria”. If a well-functioning skin microbiome results in beautiful skin, it can be weakened by different factors: stress, tobacco, alcohol, poor diet... and change of season. So to restore this little ecosystem on the surface of your skin, rely on one of the key care proposed by experts at the Aesthetic Eiffel House in the heart of Paris.

The hydraFacial Deluxe

star care

It is skin cleansing that gives glow ! Non-invasive and customizable according to your needs, it takes place in 3 steps: clean, eliminate, moisturize. To begin, deep cleansing of the skin before carrying out a gentle peeling to free pores and facilitate the extraction of blackheads, thanks to revolutionary equipment, the HydraFacial. It's a completely painless treatment et very effective ! As a final touch, we apply a booster serum, highly concentrated in principles workers (toning, moisturizing, lightening, etc.), chosen according to the needs of your skin. An ultra-complete protocol that will allow you to start the season in style! 

Microneedling + LED

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This is a bright idea to overcome all the small skin problems ! Acne, spots, dull complexion, enlarged pores, fine lines... This all-terrain treatment (and once again completely painless), allows you to boost cell renewal to regain flawless skin texture. How it works ? Here, the action of microneedling, a microneedle technique which allows the infusion of nutritional active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.) into the deep layers of the skin, is maximized by the benefits of medical light. As a result, collagen production is at its peak, and the intensely hydrated skin

The Skinbooster

Particularly recommended for mature to sluggish skin, this treatment cell regeneration restores tone to your skin, by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in four stages. First, carefully remove makeup from the skin using a very gentle foam. The objective? Eliminate all impurities surface. Then, infusion, like microneedling, of a flexible hyaluronic acid, to plump the skin in depth. At the house of Aesthetic Eiffel House, this treatment continues with the application of a unique anti-aging serum, combined with a firming massage. To finish, a plumping cream and a toning lotion wrap the skin in a comforting, hydrating veil. Effect flash immediate ! 

Aesthetic Eiffel House – 6 bis square Petrarque, Paris, 75116 Paris

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