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IVO in Japan: the meeting of contemporary art and design

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2024 is the year of Japan. IVO, the unmissable gorilla, icon of the Valmont Foundation, now embraces the ancestral traditions of the rising sun in an exceptional exhibition in Paris: IVO in Japan.

After Morocco, South Africa and Tanzania… Ivo was inspired by Japan to create an immersive and innovative exhibition entitled “IVO in Japan”. Featuring the colors and stories of the cultures encountered during the travels of Didier Guillon, this explorer at heart. The exhibition will begin far from the lands of the samurai, taking place in the Valmont stores de Paris to New York, Via Madrid, Berlin and Munich.

Du February 1 to April 28, 2024, “IVO in Japan” pays homage to the unique blend of tradition and modernity. It was discovered by Didier Guillon and his daughter Valentine during their trip to the Japanese archipelago.

IVO in Japan: an invitation to travel

IVO in Japan
Didier Guillon and his daughter Valentine in Japan

Discover unique art of Ivo in a captivating exhibition. Let yourself be transported through a sophisticated scenography where Ivo comes to life in the middle of lamps in rice paper inspired by Isamu Noguchi and folding paper screens rice framed in wood. The highlight of the exhibition is the figures of Ivo dressed in wagaras, fabrics of exceptional quality. They vibrate with symbolic colors deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

This exceptional artistic experience unfolds in several La Maison Valmont shops across Europe as well as the United States. From February 1 to April 28, 2024, dive into the heart of this artistic fusion blending to perfection the timeless elegance of Ivo as well as the cultural richness of Japan.

La Maison Valmont – 6 rue de Castiglione, Paris 1er

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