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Marin Montagut unveils his version of the famous Tarot de Marseille

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It's a novelty full of magic that Marin Montagut is adding to his collection in his store... Indeed, you will now be able to discover his version of the famous Tarot de Marseille delivered in a most precious case.

Fascinated by the mysteries of fortune telling, Marin has always dreamed of creating his own divination game. When he was still just a little boy, his eccentric et beloved grandmother painter drew the cards for him. By candlelight. In order to predict a bright future for him.

It's from this captivating atmosphere, imbued with tenderness, that his wonder for the secrets and imagery of cartomancy was born. “It’s a childhood dream that was particularly close to my heart, which has now become a reality.” reveals Marine Montagut in a statement.

In his Normandy workshop, Marin worked meticulously for two years to imagine, draw and paint in watercolor every card in his deck. We find in his illustrations the happy universe and full of fantasy that we know, inspired 19th century engravings. "What a joy to pay homage today to this magic by revisiting in watercolor the 22 Major Arcana of the timeless Tarot de Marseille »

Marin Montagut: a dreamlike concept

Sailor Montagut Tarot

With its divination game, Marin Montagut takes us on an initiatory and dreamlike journey. Where traditional Tarot symbols come together in the pastel and naive colors of his watercolors the 22 figures of this game transport us through a luminous adventure. Revealing the mysteries of life!

The divinatory Tarot of Marin Montagut is presented as a valuable divination tool and a charming lucky charm. Its box is reminiscent of the artist's iconic secret books, offering an elegant setting for this Tarot deck.

Sailor Montagut Tarot

Each box also includes an explanatory booklet in French as well as in English, allowing beginners to learn about divination. But also to shed light on any situation to better guide those who consult them.

The icing on the cake: to celebrate the launch of its Tarot, Marin Montagut is planning a unique and intimate event in its boutique on rue Madame. Indeed, he temporarily transforms his space into a fortune telling office. It will invite visitors to discover the art of cartomancy by having the cards drawn by a real expert during monthly sessions in spring.

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Marine Montagut – 48 Rue Madame, 75006 Paris

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