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5 sports films to watch before the Paris Olympic Games

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In this Olympic year, Paris Select has selected for you the 5 best films on sport that you absolutely must see before the start of the Olympic Games de Paris 2024.

For Baseball Fans: Bennett Miller's Strategist

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Discover the fascinating world of baseball with Billy Beane, general director of Oakland Athletics. Faced with colossal financial challenges compared to the major franchises of the Major Leagues, Beane and his assistant decided to adopt a revolutionary statistical approach, known as the sabermetrics. Their audacious goal: to build a competitive team despite a limited budget. A inspiring story of determination, ingenuity and passion for sport, which promises twists and turns on and off the field.

For figure skating fans: I, Tonya by Craig Gillespie

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Ce biopic captivating traces the tumultuous history of the American skater Tonya Harding. From her childhood in Portland, the young woman took up figure skating. Despite its undeniable talent, his performances are hampered by judges unimpressed by his style as well as his unconventional musical choices.

However, Tonya Harding becomes the first skater to achieve two triple axels in competition. However, her rise to the top is overshadowed by the scandal of the attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan. Indeed, she finds herself at the heart of a media storm and even an FBI investigation. Despite her efforts to exonerate herself, she is banned for life from his passion, figure skating.

For basketball fans: Hustle by Jeremiah Zagar

Dive into the exciting world of basketball next to Stanley Sugerman, talent recruiter for Sixers from Philadelphia. Sent to Spain, his mission is to find THE player who will propel the team towards the NBA championship. On a playground in Madrid, Sugerman spots the young and talented Bo Cruz.

It is distinguished by its outstanding performance against local players. Impressed by Cruz's potential, Sugerman brings him back to the United States to prepare him for la draft NBA. In Philadelphia, Cruz trained intensively under the supervision of Sugerman, meeting world basketball stars and competing against established players such as Kermit Wilts!

For fans of women's football: Comme des Garcons by Julien Hallard

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Comme des Garçons transports you to Reims in 1969. That year, Paul Coutard, a sports journalist for the daily Le Champenois, decides to challenge his superior by organizing a women's football match for the newspaper's annual fair. To his great surprise, he receives unexpected help by Emmanuelle Bruno, his “best enemy” and executive secretary.

Together, they embark on a daring adventure : the creation of the whole first women's football team in France. Beyond rivalries and prejudices, this story immerses the viewer in a captivating epic where friendship, courage and passion for sport transcend social barriers but also conventions of the time.

For athletics fans: The Color of Victory by Stephen Hopkins

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United by the same goal, Jesse Owens and his trainer Larry Snyder have a dream. Shine 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin ! But faced with persistent racism in the United States and the heart of Third Reich Germany, their path to glory is strewn with obstacles. However, Jesse Owens will overcome all challenges.

He pushes the limits of what is possible and breaks all medal records. In an era tormented by hateful ideologies and propaganda, Jesse Owens thus embodies resilience and individual strength. It also proves that one man can shake the foundations of a propaganda machinery monstrous, whether in Nazi Germany or in the United States.

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