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A day in the Palais-Royal district

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The Palais-Royal district has always been a center of Parisian life. Thanks to its proximity to the court, many intrigues, festivities and scenes of life have taken place there over the centuries. It is now in the heart of the city of light and combines everything we love the most: good places to go shopping, places of culture and restaurants to enjoy. Follow the leader ! 


A very trendy café at Kitsuné

To start the day on the right foot, enjoy a good branded coffee in the sumptuous Gardens of the Royal Palace. With its sleek look and beautiful terrace overlooking the gardens, the Cafe Kitsune is the perfect place to have breakfast. Dare it matcha latte which pays homage to the Japanese inspirations of the house. Also don't miss the gluten free treats like cakes and cookies that reveal unexpected flavors. And who knows, you might come across some fashionistas there…
Café Kitsuné, 51 Montpensier Gallery, 75001 Paris.


Head for the shops

After breakfast, discover the precious shops hidden under the arcades and in the surrounding area. The perfumer Serge Lutens has established an extraordinary setting there. For its olfactory creations, collectors present rare coins, but you can also find the creator of very beautiful watches in March LA.B, gloves high flying at House Fabre, or even the trendiest pieces at Jerome Dreyfus.


To dress up chic

Under the Gallery of the Valois, the shop of the House Fabre is an impressive showcase of the work of the famous glove making… Accuracy and elegance are at the rendezvous.

Gardens of the Royal Palace, 128-129 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris


To proclaim your love of felines

By wearing it as a fashion effigy of an offbeat and graphic t-shirt to be found at 31 Galerie Montpensier, at the inimitable Gabrielle Geppert.

31 Montpensier Gallery, 75001 Paris


A gourmet lunch

If you have to discover an institution in the neighborhood, it's at Nemours that you have to go. Her large terrace on the square Colette is the place to see and be seen. Seated in this typical brasserie, you will reconnect with the charm of the Paris of yesteryear: waiter in uniform and dishes of bourgeois cuisine. If you want a little more gastronomic fantasy, the St. Anne Street nearby houses the entire flagship of the asian gastronomy in Paris. The cafeteria Higum (32bis rue Saint-Anne) is particularly famous. And if you want to "trip to Italy", you will have to push your walk to the sublime Vivienne gallery to taste the pizzas of Daroco, the fashionable Italian restaurant that has settled in a former Jean Paul Gaultier boutique.


At the heart of culture and art

Le Palais Royal faces one of the most visited museums in the world: The Louvre. Thus, the district had to highlight art in all its forms. The columns of Buren are essential today, but it has not always been so and this work has long been decried. In front of the French comedy, at the subway exit, it's another room Contemporary eye-catching: Kiosk of the Night Owls of Othoniel. This kiosk set with colored glass beads is now a well-known meeting point. On the way from the Palais-Royal to theOpera Garnier, these are the treasures of architecture Haussmannian which follow one another under the eyes of passers-by, before arriving in front of the masterpiece that is the Garnier. If your schedule allows it, don't hesitate to marvel at its rich interior decorations.


Visit a mythical theater

Comedie-French | VisitParisRegion

Le French Comedy theater, who saw die, according to legend, the immense Molière well worth a detour. His architecture, first of all, its majesty and its centuries of creations that have taken place there and that we can feel vibrating in the air... Mythical !

1 Place Colette, 75001 Paris


Dinner in recognized addresses

The area is full of quality restaurants. Return to the gardens of the Palais-Royal, and more particularly to the Galerie des Beaujolais, for an exceptional dinner in the gourmet restaurant of Guy Martin, Le Grand Véfour. In a sumptuous setting Art Deco, you will taste dishes two stars that you are not ready to forget!
For a simpler and more traditional cuisine, do not miss the brasserie/rotisserie neighborhood trend: The wolf (44 rue du Louvre). In the pretty dining room or on the terrace, you can treat yourself to fresh produce. Note, do not miss the roast chicken of the house. If you are rather entrecote, Meet at Valois Bistro for good meat in the charming square of the same name.


And for a dream night near the Palais Royal… 

3 hotels for a dream night near the Palais-Royal district:
- The Grand Hotel Royal Palace, 4 rue de Valois 75001.
- The Nolinski, 16 avenue de l'Opera, 75001.
- Saint James Albany Hotel, 202 rue de Rivoli, 75001

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