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The Père Lachaise Cemetery: a must visit in Paris

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Each year, Paris rises to the top 3 of the most popular destinations in the world. The capital attracts millions of tourists thanks to its unique atmosphere, its historical monuments and its countless spots to visit. Among them: the famous Père Lachaise cemetery.

Whether you are a tourist passing through the city or a true Parisian, visiting Père Lachaise is an unmissable activity! Good news, Paris Select has found the best plan for you to visit it: a 'necropolitan safari' by a guide who has been officiating for more than 20 years, certified by the Paris tourist office… Yes, Père Lachaise has no secrets for Thierry Le Roi and his team of 'Necro-romantic' guides!


Located in the northeast of Paris (20th arrondissement), this 44-hectare open-air museum houses no less than 70 tombs, including personalities who have marked history, the world of art, music and even Literature. 

Guided by Thierry Le Roi (or one of his colleagues) through this enchanted hill made up of 5300 trees, you will then discover the tombs of legendary men of letters such as Jean de La Fontaine, Molière, Marcel Proust, Albert Camus, Oscar Wilde, Guillaume Apollinaire or Honoré de Balzac... 

A few cobbled paths further stand the picturesque tombstones of Edith Piaf, Henri Salvador and Frédéric Chopin. During your stroll, you will also see that of Jim Morrison. Always in bloom no matter the time of year, it is the most visited tomb of Père Lachaise and it is not uncommon to see people there toasting to the glory of the singer of the Doors. 

No doubt, this necro-romantic safari will allow you to set off on a 2h30 journey through history... In this site of unparalleled beauty, you can then pay homage to the great celebrities of the past, whether French or international. 

The ultimate added value? Thanks to your expert guide, you will obviously learn a slew of secrets and anecdotes about the legends of different eras. Fascinating historical facts and other strange rituals will punctuate your stroll through this Daedalus cemetery, famous throughout the world for its funerary art!


In order to help you better plan your guided tour of Père Lachaise, here are all the answers to the questions you may have: 

How can I book this guided tour of Père Lachaise?

Simply press "Book your visit here" then all you have to do is enter the desired date, your arrival time slot and the number of participants, before proceeding to the payment stage. Thereafter, if the day you want is available, you will receive a confirmation email with the date, time, meeting address and all the necessary information.

Please note that if we have no availability, the reservation and the payment will be canceled automatically.

Can we book the visit with several people, with a few friends?

For the moment, in view of the health crisis, a decree imposes a number of visitors not exceeding 5 people (i.e. 5 people max + 1 guide). 

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point is at the entrance to the cemetery in rue des Rondeaux (Metro Gambetta, lines 3 and 3bis). Please arrive 10 minutes early.

I have last minute plan changes, can I book a tour for the next day?

Yes of course. You can make a reservation request, which we will validate or not according to our availability. Watch your inbox carefully! 

Is there a preferred outfit for this visit? 

We leave it to you to check the weather beforehand in order to opt for a suitable outfit. Women will simply be asked to wear “decent” attire that respects this sacred place… And one last piece of advice (a bit obvious): put on comfortable shoes (sneaker type) for walking!

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