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Galerie Psyché Paris: a confidential treasure trove that Parisiennes spin under the cloak

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In the heart of the Marais, the Galerie Psyché Paris offers a myriad of handmade jewelry where art blends with matter. Unique pieces and precious creations, inspired by a contemporary style... Focus on this beautiful Parisian address.


Throne in a street rich in arts and crafts and exceptional shops. The Galerie Psyché offers jewelry and other objects of sculptures and decorative bronzes. In each of the rooms shines through the soul of each artist. A sharp selection, like its founder, Chantal Clavreuil. If she was destined to make a career in the world of old bookstores, like her parents before her, the one who has always favored unique pieces and beautiful materials has preferred to turn to primitive arts and therefore moreover jewelry. Since theopening of his gallery in 2015, Chantal Clavreuil exhibits many contemporary creators French and international in a dreamlike and aesthetic universe.  

All this with the aim of providing its customers with differentiating and top-of-the-range selection without following fashion trends. " The jewel must be the result of an original and personal creation by the artist. I like to unearth talents and reveal them to my customers looking for exclusive creations she explains. To find new ones, unless they push the door of the gallery themselves, Chantal Clavreuil does not hesitate to scour the salons.


The 3 jewelry designers currently exhibited at the Galerie Psyché


Patrice Fabré 

It was during a long trip to India and Nepal that Patrice Fabré discovered precious stones… Back in Paris, after a few months in Kathmandu in a community of jewelers, he joined the workshop of a jeweler thrilled with his first creations. The manufacture of jewelry then became a passion. In 1981, he set up his own studio in Paris. 9 years later, Patrice Fabre wins his first International Diamond Awards with a cuff bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds inspired by the renovated ceiling of the Louvre.

He received a second “International Diamond Award” in 1996, for a white gold bracelet, a thin and ethereal spiral set with more than 900 small diamonds. He also won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy in 2002, with the "Zip" necklace, a necklace of 5 rows of pearls closed by a zipper set with colored diamonds and sapphires... Always in search and architecturally sensitive, he invented in 1986 the gold and concrete jewelry, an undeniable success.

A great traveler, his passion for precious stones brought him to all continents, in search of stones that “speak” to him, such as green, pink and red tourmalines from South America and Africa or colored sapphires from Sri Lanka.


Martin spreng

Heir to know-how fine jewelry, cabinetmaking and Fine Arts, Martin Spreng leaves here and there on his jewelry nods to his journey. We can cite in particular his technique inherited from an old Munich workshop through his father, symbolized by the mint mark, the little goat, which he keeps. Or by this way of considering jewelry as he considered design within the Xylos collective in the years 81/2011, and from which his way of associating materials seems to come directly from. However, and this is a feature of Martin spreng, he likes to take care of the framework of his origins to better go beyond it.

And if he willingly uses gold, silver and precious stones, he likes showcase by affixing them to titanium, its infinite shades and its more raw appearance on the one hand, but also its lightness making the jewelry easier to wear. Harmony of use, meaning, spirit and matter, Martin Spreng's creations are never figurative, but just as with painters of lyrical abstraction, they constantly evoke nature, in its cosmic, earthly or biological dimensions. Martin Spreng offers the fruit of his own contemplation of the world, in a poetic approach close to that of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This is certainly one of the reasons why a deep lyricism emanates from her jewelry: richness of forms, games of confrontations (colors, shapes, styles, richness), engines of wonder at the same time as a certain dramaturgy... is reminiscent of Mahler's Lied von der Erde. Because as with Mahler, Spreng's search for perfection is not to be confused with destitution. On the contrary, it is at the service of the exalted representation of a bubbling harmony, of a balance of interdependent forms, and of a poetics of connections, sometimes precise until obliteration (joint of the Xylos Sphere) or well fracture (association of gold and titanium of certain rings), even flaws.


Lore Van Keer

Born in 1985, Belgian designer Lore Van Keer first trained as an interior designer at the LUCA art school in Brussels, focusing on product design. Her fascination for making new objects turned into a passion for jewellery, while keeping design and architecture as her main sources of inspiration. Since founding her eponymous label in 2010, Lore Van Keer has created her own aesthetic of abstract and architectural pieces for confident clients of all generations. His creations are thus distinguished by their architectural fluidity, their abstract volumes and their refined and timeless contemporary luxury.

By associating contrasts while welcoming clean lines, Lore Van Keer manages to exploit surprise in elegance, quality in experimentation. Drawing on the DNA of traditional jewelry, each piece is also a technically refined creation crafted from responsibly sourced 925 sterling silver or 18k gold and gemstones. A team of highly qualified goldsmiths manufactures each jewel with ancestral techniques in their workshops in Belgium.


Psyche Gallery Paris, 18 rue du Pont Louis Philippe, 75004 Paris. +07 68 47 10 44 XNUMX

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