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Quiz Room: the essential space for quiz enthusiasts

Quiz Room
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After Odéon and La Villette, Quiz Room is finally setting up a third center in the Opéra district! On this occasion, Paris Select presents this exceptional place combining knowledge, competition and conviviality. Quiz Room is an ideal place for Parisians looking for intellectual challenges. But also for tourists curious to discover an original gaming experience during their visit to Paris.

Quiz Room is an innovative concept which proposes to play a a whole new kind of quiz. The center welcomes you in an original decor, inspired by the most big game shows. During 1h30 game, live an unforgettable experience between laughter and competition. Between friends, family or between colleagues, Quiz Room is a leisure for all where the atmosphere is at the rendezvous.

La Quiz Room caters even to the most jeunes. Indeed, the games and questions are adapted according to your age but also according to your centers of interest! All the knowledge can be useful to you. Public figures to recognize, blindtest, cooking recipe,… There is something for every taste. The games are designed to stimulate reflection and create healthy competition between participants. 

Quiz Room, quiz games like on a TV set 

A Quiz Room, discover boards inspired by the greatest television games. In a circle like that of the Weak link ". A scenography that recalls the greatest moments of " Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ". And buzzers way Questions for a champion ". The neat decorations and elaborate puzzles guarantee a fully immersive gaming experience.

But there are also: the Kids Quiz Room. A totally redesigned Quiz Room experience specially designed for children ! Just like for the older ones, knowledge is not the only thing that matters. It will be necessary be quick et use wildcards wisely. So that everyone can have fun, Quiz Room creates child-friendly questions. They address accessible themes and topics that are discussed at school and at home!

A wide variety of games

From general culture questions to more specific puzzles, participants have the opportunity to test their knowledge in a friendly atmosphere. Whether through the Original Quiz, the Original Blintest or the Thematic Quiz, a variety of games are available to meet the different player preferences and passions.

  • The Original Quiz goes beyonda simple question and answer game. It gives you an entertaining and pressure-free experience, simulating the atmosphere ofa TV set during one hour. The strategic jokers allow you to analyze your opponents and destabilize them at the right time. You can also take advantage of their correct answers to score points. Available in French and in English, it offers a multilingual experience.
  • The Original Quiz Room Blintest guarantees you a festive moment with friends, with music as the main protagonist. During one hour of play, you embark on a one-of-a-kind blindtest. Here, it is not necessary to have a powerful voice to prevail. Indeed, the buzzers are impartial and fair, ensuring a fair and balanced competition.
  • Thematic Quizzes have been specially created for enthusiasts who wish to take up challenges in specific areas. This game is perfect for bring into valeur consist of expertise in a particular subject. That you are an expert in French song, or a food lover, thematic quiz adapts to your tastes and interests.

Quiz Room Paris Opera – 76 Rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris

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To book a game session at Quiz Room at Opéra, go to their website by clicking here !  

You can also watch the presentation video which will give you an overview of the proposed experience, by clicking here !

quiz games are not only fun, but also intellectually stimulating. They allow to test your knowledge and spend a nice time in the company of loved ones or new encounters! 

For those who want to deepen their experience of quiz games, Paris Select also has an article that explores why quizzes have become so popular these days. Do not hesitate to consult the article by clicking here !

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