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Paris J'adore Hotel: The alliance between romance and gastronomy

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Who would've believed that ? Not long ago, the building was the temple of the Jesuits… Today, that of all pleasures. Not so confidential, this 5 star spa hotel and its restaurant invite you to a romantic, gastronomic experience, a relaxing or invigorating break. A stone's throw from the tumult of the "Grands Boulevards", a parenthesis out of time. "Outside Paris, even", according to his hosts. Luxurious, the establishment seems to take you by the hand, guide you, give in to your every whim. Multi-sensory experience guarantee. Hush, close your eyes. You arrive at your destination. Just enjoy. 

Luxury room service and home automation

high tech and sophistication, opulent or more sober interior decoration. Smart bedroom, stylish bedroom. Here all the tastes and all the wishes have been skilfully anticipated, concretized, scenographed. A tablet, a click and the curtains open. The light is more discreet. One more click and the bath water flows at the right temperature. Yours and that of your temperament, above all. Seething, passionate, seductive, conquering, or just curious. But never, indifferent neither to the fantasy nor to the originality of the place. Unusual room with large rounded bed, view over the rooftops of Paris and jacuzzi on private terrace

Blind Test Tasting

A dish arrives, then another. Each time the scenario includes a black satin ribbon, tied by your devoted servant. To deprive yourself of one sense in order to exalt another, that's the game. With your eyes hidden in this way, you will be offered to guess the dish under a silver bell jar. Because your gourmet plate exhales and reveals a subtle scent of mystery. Milk-fed veal and vegetable emulsion, caviar, carrot braised with ginger, floating island on strawberry soup, topped with a small iceberg with basil all play the card to seduce the taste buds. A few notes from piano and the suave voice of the Friday and Saturday night artist make this unique moment. Romantique et intimate, under a subdued light, the evening is announced under the best auspices. The J'adore bar extends the restaurant and invites mixology. Show provided by the duo of servers. 

Refinement and art deco magnificence

The objective is effervescence, the joy of living, by stimulating the senses. The Great Gatsby Spirit, velvet armchairs, tables and aisles of marble, atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, this is enough to invite your senses elsewhere, far away. And this, as soon as you arrive on the art deco ground floor, where elegant palm trees topped with ostrich feathers bend and greet. THE crystal ceiling lights by Castro Lighting compete with the central luminaire leading to the upper floors, deployed over 18 metres…Panoramic paper created for the restaurant with Anabo and the plant wall of the Jardins de Babylone are in the game. Signed furniture Henryot, and a magic of the place, skilfully created by Sandrine Alouf. The patio will surprise you at nightfall with its rainbow water jets. The water and light show continues throughout the dinner. The evening continues at the spa, on the terrace or in the rooms. Each is a travel, has its very own style. All of them offer calm and voluptuous luxury, as well as fantasy. A silver or black swing rises from the ceiling, as if fallen from the sky. Nearby, a spa for two is bubbling and quivering at the thought of welcoming you. 

Relaxation and fitness

In the basement, an incredibly well-designed spa prolongs the adventure, relaxes. relax or stimulate. Invigorates. Here again the sensory experience is lived at high speed. The plus: the possibility of a accès Private or else the night privatization for two, for two hours, accompanied by a glass of champagne to make your senses sparkle. A eleven meter swimming pool long will know how to immerse you in daydreaming before joining the vapors of the hammam then jacuzzi overflow. Red cedar sauna and ice fountain reactivate circulation, purify body and soul. The pinnacle of the spa is the salt cave, all of ocher brick running through the walls from top to bottom. You must, at least once in your life, test its sedative and purifying properties by savoring a green detox cocktail. As a final word, what to exclaim? Aside: “I love it! »

Hotel Paris J'adore, 7 Rue Beudant, 75017 Paris

By Lucile Gelebart

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