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NEW: the primer reveals the secrets of a profession of excellence

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At INÉDIT, the art of jewelry, centuries-old and refined, is a world where precision meets passion. Where every detail tells a story. This profession, at the crossroads of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation, requires exceptional know-how and an unfailing devotion to aesthetics and quality.

Through this primer, Paris Select invites you to explore the multiple facets of the jewelry profession. From artistic design to technical realization, including the careful selection of gems and the final polishing which reveals the brilliance of each piece.

Each letter of this alphabet book reveals a unique aspect of the world of jewelry. Illustrating not only the technical and artistic skills necessary for the profession. But also the passion and commitment that drive those who choose this path.

G for Gemmology


At INÉDIT, the gemologists Experts offer professional advice. They detail the essential characteristics of natural and untreated gems. A specificity which represents approximately 10% of the world production of gems. The team is also dedicated to the careful selection of gemstones for clients' custom projects, as well as the acquisition of exceptional gems.

This meticulous process ensures that each gem offered to customers meets high standards of naturalness and purity. When the stones are carefully chosen, they present them to customers, accompanying them through each step until their final decision. This personalized approach ensures complete satisfaction and purchasing experience. The quality of advice and transparency on the origin and characteristics of gems are at the heart of the philosophy at INEDIT.

C for Creation


In the world of fine jewelry, INÉDIT stands out as a creative house. Here, the art of personalization reaches heights of excellence. This workshop, recognized for its exceptional know-how, is at the heart of an artistic approach that transforms dreams into tangible reality.

The creation process is a true ode to collaboration between the jeweler and the client. It all starts with a blank sheet of paper, where meticulous drawings come to life under the skillful pencil strokes of designers. This initial design stage is fundamental. Indeed, it lays the foundations of a piece which will be both unique and intimately linked to the personality of its future owner.

For the most avant-garde projects, INÉDIT uses computer-aided creation (CAD) technology to develop resin models. This modern tool allows precise visualization and adaptation before the final manufacturing stage. Thanks to 3D printing, customers can understand the volume and aesthetics of their future jewelry. A tailor-made service that sets Inédit apart in the industry.

The use of CAD and 3D printing by Inédit is a revolution in the jewelry tradition. It combines centuries-old craftsmanship with technological innovations. This provides customers with an immersive and participatory experience.

J for Jeweler


The ancestral technique of forging is revealed in all its splendor. He's the master jeweler Unpublished which perpetuates its excellence. Discover this fascinating process where precious metal is masterfully transformed into jewelry masterpieces.

The work begins with a simple piece of precious metal. The latter undergoes a rigorous process of stretching, rolling and annealing, a meticulous alchemy that prepares the metal to take shape. The jeweler, like a sculptor, then draws wire from the prepared metal, an act of precision which lays the foundations of the different parts which will make up the final jewel.

That's not all: even before these elements are assembled, pre-polishing is carried out. This crucial step ensures that each component of the jewelry has an impeccable finish, essential for the final assembly and soldering to go smoothly. It is this attention to detail that allows INÉDIT to guarantee perfect finishes. Thus, they are testimony to the exceptional know-how and uncompromising quality that characterize the house.

Another technique is lost wax casting. It remains a pillar of jewelry craftsmanship, testifying to the fusion between art and craftsmanship. This process begins when the jeweler, like a sculptor, delicately shapes in a block of wax the various elements that will make up the future jewel. This wax sketch, imprinted with the creative vision of the craftsman, is then entrusted to the founder.

In the foundry workshop, a precise mold of the wax work is made, before the wax itself is dissolved by the heat. The space left vacant by the wax is then filled by the molten metal, which takes shape in the mold to become an exact replica of the original model.

Upon its return from the foundry, the object requires meticulous attention to remove even the slightest cast iron residue, a crucial step which precedes pre-polishing. This first finish is essential to reveal the splendor of the metal and prepare the surface for subsequent finishes, thus guaranteeing the shine and finesse that characterize exceptional pieces.

S for Crimper

After the metamorphosis of the metal, it is the turn of crimper to take over. Its mission is to delicately anchor the precious stones in their settings specifically designed to receive them: the bezels or settings. This operation, with absolute precision, is carried out under the sharp eye of a binocular (microscope). It guarantees unparalleled precision and delicacy in the adjustment and fixation of gems.

F for finishes

To conclude, once the setting is completed, the part heads to the final stage of polishing and finish. This phase is crucial to eliminate the slightest irregularities that may remain, often near the setting areas, in order to give the jewelry exceptional softness and delicacy to the touch. The process ends with a full polishing of the piece, during which surface aspects are meticulously achieved, whether it is a brilliant mirror polish or a subtle satin effect.

E for team

INÉDIT is a team or rather a large family made up of 14 members with multiple talents. Their characteristic lies in their ability to master several facets of the profession. In this workshop, jewelers also take on the roles of setters and polishers, allowing them to design a piece of jewelry from start to finish without transition.

Within the store, there are no traditional salespeople, but rather gemmologist designers with solid training in jewelry and setting. This versatility sometimes leads them to temporarily abandon the sales area to put on their workshop coat. This is a sign of commitment hands-on making, in the creation of each unique piece.

T for transmission

For Maison INÉDIT, transmission is a fundamental pillar. It is essential to perpetuate the art of craftsmanship by training future generations. Several members of the team have benefited from or are still benefiting from training. A crucial step to mastering the techniques essential to creating a piece of jewelry

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