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LV Monogram Star: Louis Vuitton offers itself a unique diamond cut in the world

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Louis Vuitton reveals the new centerpiece of its “LV Diamonds” jewelry collection: the “LV Monogram Star”. This exceptional diamond draws its inspiration from the Monogram Flower, an emblematic symbol which embodies the most striking identity of the House.

Francesca Amfitheatrof, director of jewelry and watches at Louis Vuitton, offers an unexpected new perspective to the historic symbol of the House. Incredible but true ! The Monogram Flower now transforms into a real diamond!

A true masterstroke which transforms this emblem, imagined 128 years ago by George Vuitton, son of the creator. An impressive first for a symbol so imbued with history and meaning.

LV Monogram Star: a diamond with 53 facets

LV Monogram Star

Fruit of several years of work, LV Monogram Star is above all a close collaboration between Francesca Amfitheatrof and the Maison's workshops in order to perfectly reinterpret this starry flower crowned with four petals.

Thus, several years of research and development were necessary to develop a technique making it possible to confer a maximum shine to this creation composed of 53 facets cut and polished by hand. Indeed, unlike a classic brilliant cut diamond which has 57 facets, this unique cut offers a particularly unique aesthetic.

“No one had ever achieved this size before. No one had even dared to dream of it. Even looking at the stone from a great distance, you instantly recognize the essence of the Louis Vuitton universe.", explains Francesca Amfitheatrof.

Thus, the LV Diamonds collection from Louis Vuitton offers, for each diamond, a digital certificate developed by Aura Blockchain Consortium, proving its origin and illustrating the stages of its journey.

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