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“The economy according to Asterix” continues its adventures at Citeco

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Since October 21, 2023, our Gaulish heroes have been welcoming you to Citéco. In the exceptional Gaillard hotel. They offer you a unique experience with the immersive exhibition “The Economy According to Asterix”, allowing you to better understand major economic concepts through the adventures of Asterix, while entertaining young and old!

Our intrepid Gauls extend their stay to Citéco until 21th April ! The exhibition, which conquered the heart of Lutèce, persists in its success, offering a lesson in economics most original. The Adventures of Asterix and Obelix transcend simple historical parody.

Through their adventures and the pages of their albums, readers see themselves revealed a subtle analysis of the contemporary world, approaching with a mocking touch economic elements that are surprising and revealing of our vices and virtues. Thus, Asterix, the irresistible Gaul, finds himself, without knowing it, being a key player in economic life, just like each of us.

“The Economy According to Asterix”: the exhibition not to be missed

Through this exhibition, Citéco invites you to explore the pages of Asterix and Obelix who matter 393 million albums sold worldwide. Discover numerous economic themes in a fun way through the pages and boxes, thanks to games, films, sensory devices, digital applications and quizzes.

One of the great strengths of this work lies in its multiple reading levels, full of references and winks, always tinged with humor or smiles, and often carrying knowledge.

Thus, the exhibition perpetuates this principle by inviting you to travel through the albums and to decipher, over the pages, 9 economic themes organized in three successive spaces. “The Village”, “The Roman City” as well as “The Known World”.

The City of Economy – 1, place du Général-Catroux, 75017 Paris

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