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Paris Loves Vinyl: a sale of 100 vinyls in Paris

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For all music lovers and retro enthusiasts! Sunday March 3, 2024 will mark the start of the 12th edition of the gigantic Paris Loves Vinyl vinyl sale. An event not to be missed under any circumstances.

Paris Loves Vinyl remains the epicenter of vinyl conventions in France. It established its reputation as one of the most iconic events on an international scale. Since its first edition, this event has attracted several tens of thousands of visitors.

In a few figures, it is distinguished by the presence of 100 vinyls, a cohort of 000 sellers and the contribution of 70 DJ sets who take turns to offer their finest musical selections! So, you like it ?

Paris Loves Vinyl: a unique celebration dedicated to vinyls

Paris Loves Vinyl

Paris Loves Vinyl has meticulously selected the most qualified sellers to meet the requirements of this major event. More than 70 professionals and music enthusiasts attended.

Among them are French labels renowned artists, eminent diggers from the recording industry, as well as a multitude of international sellers from all over the world. Europe, Brazil, Japan, and elsewhere.

Here, a varied palette of musical styles is in the spotlight. Ranging from Jazz to Soul, through Disco, Funk. We also count Tropical, Brasil, Latin, Afro, Soundtracks, House or even Electronic Music, Hip Hop, RnB, New Wave, Italo, Rock, Pop, Psyche, Prog , Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Folk, Classical, World, Reggae, and many others, presented on all formats: LPS and 45 rpm, 10 inches, 12 inches, in order to satisfy all the greatest music lovers!

70 vinyl experts present to expand your collection

Paris Loves Vinyl

Among the revealed exhibitors, Blazing Music, initially established at the Marché Daupine in Saint-Ouen. It offers a wide selection of original vinyls, ranging from Soul Funk Disco to Psyche Rock, including 90s Hip Hop. In addition, Adrian Pastors, the founder of Paname City Records, offers complete musical diversity in his collection.

We also find the participation of many other exhibitors, including Diaspora Records Paris, which offers a wide range of Caribbean, Brazilian and Latin vinyls, as well as classics of Funk, Soul and American Jazz.

And let's not forget to highlight the presence of 8 DJ sets! They are ready to punctuate our dance steps between each stand. Among them, artists such as Dipiz, Jacksoul, Manu Bloubi, and Rob manga, which come straight from the Netherlands!

Sunday March 3, 2024 – Paris Loves Vinyl – Espace Reuilly, 21 rue Hénard, Paris 12th.

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