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Hotel Hana, the perfect harmony between Parisian charm and Japanese serenity

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In the heart of the vibrant capital, between the Opéra Garnier and the Place de la Bourse, emerges Hana, 5-star hotel gem which enriches the prestigious collection Addresses Hotels. Designed by Nicolas Saltiel, fervent defender of understated luxury, Hana stands out by offering a counter-current experience. Marrying the sophistication of Belle Epoque with the Japanese minimalism, in homage to the revolutionary movement of the 20s.

A harmonious fusion between Japanese culture and the Parisian art of living

©Stephan Julliard

Located in the district called “ Little Tokyo“, Hana offers a oasis of tranquility at the heart of urban hustle and bustle. Every detail is meticulously thought out, transforming gestures and objects into symbolic rituals. The Japanese art of living is revealed through a ballet of traditions. Merging the poetry of the iris and the contemplation of Parisian roofs from the 26 keys with a view.

This unique meeting between Laura Gonzalez, talented architect, and Olivier Leone, renowned artistic director, brings to life a place embodying “a feminine, graceful, talkative and precious side”. The aesthetic between Belle Époque maximalism and Japanese minimalism is deployed in common spaces reduced to the essentials. The hotel offers an intimate experience, with a personalized welcome instead of a traditional reception.

The 26 rooms, imbued with feng shui aura, offer a breathtaking view of Paris. Yielding tribute to Japan and the Belle Époque through materials. Such as iroko wood, straw and two-tone marble. In this setting, the superfluous is eliminated, creating a authentic atmosphere and balanced. Traditional and resolutely modern, Hana invites stillness, daydreaming and the full appreciation of the taste for beautiful things. Where time slows down to allow visitors to live and love fully.

Hanabi, a Franco-Japanese gastronomic odyssey

©Stephan Julliard

Hanabi offers a artistic dining experience, merging the french tradition with the delicacy Japanese. Under the direction of Shirley Garrier of The Social Food, the display of fireworks in each dish evokes a harmonious meeting between two powerful gastronomic cultures. The classics of French cuisine are revisited with finesse. Creating compositions of true concentrates of modern art and classic cuisine, where each country shares a strong gastronomic bond.

Fine palates can enjoy a variety of meals, from a Hanabi-style breakfast to an enchanting dinner. The map reveals a exceptional mastery agreements, highlighting the finesse of the products. Dishes such as Ochazuke, potted chicken cooked in mushi nabe. Or the fish and shellfish chirashi from the French coasts offer a refined tasting experience.

At the bar, a bold selection of French and Japanese bottles creates an atmosphere conducive to discovery. THE sakes et french wines delicately set the stage for each tasting, followed by a bold reinterpretation of classic cocktails. A Dry Martini revisited with Japanese gin and vermouth infused with sansho pepper. Or even a Lemon Drop combining French vodka, sake and yuzu, testify to the creativity of the team behind the bar.

A Japanese temporal sanctuary in the heart of the Metropolis

In the heart of the metropolis, Hotel Hana presents itself as a temporal sanctuary, offering a rare tranquility. This secret place allows a welcome break. Whether by immersing yourself in the counter-current pool or enjoying an energy treatment inspired by Japan.

At Hana Hotel, the well-being is a priority. Anchored in Japanese culture, where time dedicated to the body and tranquility is experienced authentically, in accordance with Japanese traditions and philosophy.

In partnership with Lymfea, an expert in holistic massages, the hotel offers refined hospitality and innovative treatments, fusing luxury, Japanese culture and holistic relaxation. Opting for a Lymfea energy treatment – ​​Reiki, Kobido, Reflexology-drainage, Chi Nei Tsang – is equivalent to an immersion in the power of Japanese rituals, offering a inner journey far from the tumult outside. A unique experience where time stretches to provide fullness and rejuvenation.

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