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Le Cinq: the starred table to try at least once in your life

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In Paris, the legendary restaurant Le Cinq offers an unmissable gastronomic experience, to be had at least once in your life. The restaurant where every moment is a sensory journey in its own right of rare finesse. In the heart of the golden triangle, the hotel Four Seasons embodies the French art of living and culinary elegance at its peak.

An extraordinary gastronomic experience

Led by the three-star chef Christian Le Squer, the Le Cinq restaurant, is much more than a palace restaurant. Thus, it is a sanctuary where gastronomy enthusiasts come together to savor exceptional dishes. Created with love and know-how, respect for the products andchef's innovation are reflected in each plate.

Unique know-how

Standing spaghetti gratin
Stiff Breton langoustines
Fois gras in Pebbles

The chef creates exquisite dishes that transport you to a world where flavors intertwine with harmony revealing a intense pleasure with every bite. Each ingredient is chosen with care. Each cooking technique is mastered to enhance the products, thus creating unique taste associations. The quintessence of French refinement.

A sumptuous setting, exceptional service

The restaurant experience at Le Cinq is not limited to tasting divine dishes. Indeed, it is a full immersion in an atmosphere felted et intimate, where attentive and discreet service adds a touch of sophistication to your evening. Obviously, the staff is happy to guide you in your choice and meet all your expectations.

A unique cellar

In addition, the restaurant offers a exceptional wine cellar, renowned for its careful selection of refined wines. Indeed, sommeliers are experts in their field and will advise you accurately to accompany each dish, thus creating perfect chords which will enhance your meal.

In short, an evening spent at the restaurant at Le Cinq is a true ode to pleasures of the table. It is an experience that awakens the senses, transporting the taste buds in a whirlwind of exquisite flavors. The Chef's state of mind shines through at every moment, offering a exceptional culinary journey and a moment of pure happiness for lovers of gastronomy and Select places. 

Le Cinq., 31 Avenue Georges V – 75008 Paris

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