La Datcha: a rural escape in the heart of Paris

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The Datcha is a true culinary haven of peace in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. In this country house, chef Maksym Zorin and his team invite you to enjoy French cuisine modern and delicious. Showcasing the seasons and fresh produce.

A culinary adventure by Maksym Zorin

Made by the talented chef Maksym Zorin, La Datcha is much more than just a restaurant. It is the fruit of a passion for great French cuisine. Forged in prestigious establishments such as Le Meurice, Ore at the Château de Versailles, Allard, and Ducasse sur Seine. At just 29 years old, the chef-owner opened his first restaurant, promising an exceptional gastronomic experience.

A timeless journey in the heart of Paris

The Datcha offers a relaxing with family or friends in a cozy atmosphere. Evoking the reception of loved ones in a Villa. Nestled in a 230m2 space spread over two levels, the restaurant reveals a rural and relaxing atmosphere. A true countryside getaway in the heart of the city.

A generous and creative menu

The La Datcha menu offers a modern reinterpretation of traditional French cuisine. Developed from French local products in season, Maksym Zorin's cuisine skillfully combines local flavors with a personal Ukrainian touch. Dishes such as borsch-style pork press or green cabbage as a starter reflect this unique fusion.

Chef Maksym Zorin reveals his love for strong sauces, strong meat gravies, coating sea juices, and creamy and comforting vegetable juices. Each dish reflects a form of generosity which characterizes the entire cuisine offered.

To conclude, La Datcha is an address that is revolutionizing the gastronomic landscape of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Offering a gourmet getaway worthy of a country house.

The Dacha, 62 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris

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