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The Faubourg Saint Honoré Committee celebrates the Chinese New Year

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On February 13, China will enter the year of the Wooden Dragon. According to the Chinese horoscope, this year will be synonymous with power as well as luck. The Faubourg Saint Honoré Committee invites passers-by to celebrate the Chinese New Year. To the rhythms of Asian traditions and folklore.

Le Tuesday, February 13th, from 13:30 p.m. to 15:30 p.m., Faubourg Saint-Honore will be the scene of an exceptional parade at the corner of rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and rue Royale. Around thirty artists, dressed in colorful costumes and talented percussionists, will brighten up the streets of the capital. Majestic dragons et symbolic lions, bearers of nobility and luck... Will come alive to the sound of traditional rhythms! Thus creating a grandiose ballet that will delight passers-by.

Faubourg Saint Honoré Chinese New Year Committee
Chinese New Year by the Faubourg Saint Honoré Committee in 2019

An invitation to travel and discovery

This lively and colorful rejoicing, true tribute to Franco-Chinese friendship, presents itself as a invitation to travel at the heart of Chinese traditions and culture. The program has many surprises in store. Including a spectacular parade where people mingle dragons, lanterns, and bursts of color, providing a striking visual experience.

Faubourg Saint Honoré Chinese New Year Committee

Thus, the colorful and percussionist characters of the group Paris Lion Sports will bring to life this rhythmic procession, formed by lions and iconic dragons. Noble and bringers of luck, these creatures will wander the streets, transporting spectators into a festive atmosphere et warm. An event not to be missed to celebrate the year of the dragon in an explosion of color and joy.

Faubourg Saint-Honoré Committee – 15 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris

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