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The Melville: When musical elegance meets culinary finesse

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Melville, a name that evokes the captivating atmosphere of film noir, a melody that glides like jazz brushes on a Charleston. This is the very essence of a few notes from Martial Solal under the agile fingers of Belmondo. The captivating improvisations of Jean-Michel Colombier in “Un Flic” and the bewitching blonde voice which accompanies “Two men in Manhattan”. Today, Le Melville becomes a popular address among jazz and world music lovers. A place where smooth, joyful and surprising atmospheres reign.

©Mathilde Mion

At the heart of this musical adventure, Le Melville is much more than just a place for artistic meetings. It is a piano that resonates, a delicacy that is savored, an elegance that is experienced. In the kitchen, the young chef Malcom Ecolasse. With experience in the brigades of illustrious chefs such as Eric Frechon, Jean-François Piège and Juan Arbelaez, he infuses his dishes with latino perfumes, Asian et middle easterners. The food-music pairing becomes a reflection of this place's openness to the world. Hidden from view but full of discoveries.

An evening full of stories and discoveries

The Melville is a sensory experience where music and gastronomy combine harmoniously. There Melville soundtrack, rich in live, riding a improvisations and nuggets musicalIs a invitation to discovery. In the comfort designed by architect Isabelle Farran, the stage is prepared every evening. Highlighting the talent of artists or passing friends.

The story of Melville is a story of music, friendship, embodied by the complicity between Sébastien and Laurent. These two enthusiasts give music the place it deserves in their daily and professional lives. Laurent, who has made it his profession for a long time, and Sébastien, an arts lover in his professional environment, thus gave birth to Melville.

At only 26 years old, chef Malcom Ecolasse, a tattooed colossus, finds the Melville the ideal setting to deploy his creative cuisine. The Melville thus becomes the place where culinary dreams come to life, in a perfect symbiosis between music, friendship and moments of grace.

In conclusion, The Melville stands out as a sanctuary where art in all its forms merges to create a immersive experience. Between the intoxicating musical chords and the exquisite flavors, this exceptional place embodies an ode to elegance, friendship and the shared passion for music and gastronomy.

The Melville – 28 Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris

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