Our favorite restaurants in the 16th arrondissement

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Renowned for its calm and peaceful atmosphere, the 16rd borough has a good number of high-end restaurants. We reveal the favorites of the editorial staff.



Among the trendy restaurants, there is Girafe! After Loulou and Monsieur Bleu, the duo Gilles Malafosse and Laurent de Gourcuff continues their successful adventures by inaugurating 'Giraffe'. A luxurious marine brasserie, Place du Trocadero. Marble and velvet set, 30s decor signed Joseph Dirand and super elegant terrace. We come face to face with the Iron Lady! The setting is simply breathtaking and the map is no less so. Here we enjoy swordfish escalope Milanese, pasta with lobster, without forgetting whole grilled fish. This new table is already appearing as the most coveted rooftop of the next fashion week.

Giraffe, 1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris, 01 40 62 70 61


Place Longchamp

Place Longchamp is the new trendy restaurant offering a delicious French bistro cuisine. In a warm atmosphere, we savor the homemade dishes. Game, fish, risottos and even snails, everything is absolutely delicious. All in one classy setting where velvet benches and lights mingle with a few arty canvases. Friendly atmosphere like at home and refined dishes in a well-designed decor. This is the perfect combo for this new place to be.

Place Longchamp, 84 Rue de Longchamp, 75116 Paris. 01 45 53 50 00



Located between the Place de l'Etoile and the Trocadero, the Conti restaurant is a a veritable institution of Italian cuisine in Paris. In this beautiful case, leader Laurent Bourdin showcases the classics of transalpine gastronomy. We then discover à la carte: fettuccini with truffles and prawns, risotto carnaroli nero… Chez Conti, we come for a business lunch, a dinner with friends or a romantic one-on-one. Special mention for the attentive and impeccable service.

Accounts, 72 rue Lauriston, 75116 Paris. 01 47 27 74 67



Behind its splendid Art Nouveau facade, the BON restaurant is a real invitation to travel in the Trendy Paris. Here, the universes are tenderly confronted with the different salons that transport us elsewhere. The decoration is signed Starck and as usual, he takes us into a phantasmagorical world… As for the cuisine, BON draws its inspiration from the confines ofSouth East Asia and will delight the greatest gourmets! On the menu, we discover different dishes exotic flavors : half-cooked tuna, spicy sea bass tartare, grilled chicken with lemongrass and chilli, anthology black cod and delicious tiger tears... The great classics of the house are based on a simple principle: the quality of the product first and foremost. They are savored accompanied by excellent wines that the head sommelier carefully selects... All to be enjoyed in an atmosphere outdated and contemporary.

GOOD, 25 rue de la Pompe, 75016 Paris. 01 40 72 70 00. Find out more about the BON restaurant, here.


Crystal Room Baccarat

Installed in the impressive and luxurious private mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles, Baccarat Crystal offers refined cuisine. All orchestrated by the master hand of Chef Mathieu Mecheri. Prawn spring rolls, seared scallops or mango Pavlova are on the menu. Let's go for a tasting sublimated by unforgettable places! 

Crystal Room Baccarat, 11 Place of the United States, 75116 Paris. 01 40 22 11 10


Saint James

Located in a magnificent castle dated of 1892, the Saint James Paris is rewarded with one star in the Michelin guide. The chef Virginie Basselot invites its guests to enjoy gourmet cuisine. Accompanied by wines chosen by the sommelier Micael Morais! For a marriage of flavors as surprising as it is subtle.

Saint James, 5 Place du Chancellor Adenauer, 75116 Paris. 01 44 05 81 81



Located on the first floor of the Radio House, Radioeat benefits from a spectacular panoramic view the day and a beautiful light show at night which invites you to escape at the same time gustatory, physical and emotional. In this sophisticated and warm atmosphere, the Chef Thierry Bassard offers a contemporary brasserie menu with a European and Asian inspired cuisine. He works with fresh and quality products, in a simple and healthy way. Special mention for its tuna carpaccio with eggplant caviar, super fresh and the pistachio tiramisu, orange blossom and seasonal apricot. A madness !

Radioeat, 116 Ave. of President Kennedy, 75016 Paris. 01 47 20 00 29


African Lounge

For more than 10 years now, African Lounge has been the Parisian reference of African cuisine. À la carte: fish or meat pastelles, braised chicken, maffé, thiof… tasty dishes inviting to travel, in one contemporary setting and a cozy and warm atmosphere. This address just a stone's throw from the Champs-Élysées is sure to delight fans of African food.

African Lounge, 20 Bis Rue Jean Giraudoux, 75016 Paris. 01 47 20 58 14


The Hanseatic League

At Hansan we enjoy a authentic and refined Hong Kong cuisine, all in one classy setting in white and red tones. The service is impeccable and the dishes are made with high quality products. House specialties? Steamed ravioli, fresh fish such as salt and pepper turbot, delicious loc lac beef tenderloin or Pekinese lacquered duck. Must taste!

The Hanseatic League, 192 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris. 01 45 04 04 31


Villa Sophia

A stone's throw from Champs-Élysées, the Villa Sophia presents itself as a Italian brasserie with a chic setting. Padded red benches, black and white checkered floor and portraits of actress Sophia Loren on the walls, you will quickly feel at ease in this warm atmosphere. On the plate, you will discover with pleasure classic dishes but very copious and made from fresh produce: risottos, lasagna, Milanese-style veal cutlet and other signature pastas… The service is impeccable and the pizzas really delicious.

Villa Sophia, 53 rue de Chaillot, 75116 Paris. 09 82 60 24 26



Pages is the first restaurant in the japanese chef Ryuji Teshima alias Teshi, a clean and friendly space where you can admire the spectacle of the kitchens. For this first address, the chef has imagined a menu that changes with the seasons, honoring excellent quality products, exceptional meats and fish that he cuts meticulously. Sensitive and precise, his cuisine combines the best of French terroir and mixes French and Japanese techniques. Besides the delicious food, the establishment also stands out for its wine menu with carefully selected references and you can taste a grand cru by the glass!

Pages, 4 rue Auguste Vacquerie 75116 Paris. 01 47 20 74 94



Located 2 steps from the parent company, the 116 is none other than the Pages restaurant wine bar. This hybrid bistro to the nicely raw decor he also relies on a lively kitchen. Here, duck, monkfish, blue lobster, poultry and other octopus are grilled on the japanese bincho to obtain a delicate smoky flavor… If at lunchtime you can enjoy twisted Japanese dishes, in the evening, signature tapas and revisited desserts are highlighted. Wines, cocktails, shiwkies, bourbons and craft beers, in total, 116 has a hundreds of references which will delight neophytes and connoisseurs alike!

116, 2 rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris. 01 47 20 10 45

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