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Hot chocolates that will make you love winter

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What could be better than warming up with good hot chocolate? Whether creamy, unctuous, velvety, more or less cocoa, there is something for everyone since each house works it in a different way. In Paris, there are plenty of good places to enjoy it… Here are our favorites for a moment of sweetness.

The Reserve Paris

Dive into thechocolate enchantment from Parisian winter to The Reserve Paris, where a gourmet break is offered to you with the talent of Chef Jérôme Banctel and MOF chocolatier Patrick Roger. Experience an exquisite moment with an exceptional hot chocolate, served by the fireplace of the restaurant La Pagode de Cos, in the warm atmosphere of bar Le Gaspard, or even in the cozy intimacy of the Duc de Morny Library. A chocolate experience not to be missed to brighten up your Parisian winter!

Promise of a moment of indulgence even more irresistible, these two chocolate drinks are accompanied by delicately sweet donuts anda generous vanilla whipped cream. An exquisite pleasure to treat yourself to after a Christmas shopping session or a party getaway to the museums or galleries around The Reserve Paris.

The Reserve Paris – Hotel and Spa – 42 Av. Gabriel, 75008 Paris

Les Deux Magots

To cope with the rigors of winter, the hot chocolate from Deux Magots stands out as an essential drink to warm up and find comfort. Delectable and deliciously chocolaty, this beverage can be enjoyed both for breakfast and at tea time, on its own or with a pastries.

Les Deux Magots have carefully chosen the “Equatorial 55%” by Valrhona for its round, intensely chocolatey character and its vanilla notes, making it the essential choice for a delicious Old-style hot chocolate. Served elegantly on a silver tray, this chocolate comes in its pot with a cup, allowing each guest to enjoy more than two cups. The art of serving and the pouring ceremony add a touch of excellence to this gourmet experience.

Les Deux Magots, 6 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 76006 Paris


Among the best hot chocolates in Paris, the Carette tea rooms are institutions. Pastries and hot chocolate are a must when you sit down here. The latter is very delicious, creamy and thick just right. More than just a drink, we treat ourselves to a childhood memory with the pretty porcelain cups, the metal teapot and the discreet service. We love this retro touch that leaves no one indifferent.

Carette, 4 place du Trocadéro, 75016 Paris & 25 place des Vosges, 75003 Paris.



THE HOUSE angelina is particularly famous for its ancestral hot chocolate " The African“. Often considered the best in Paris, its recipe has not changed since 1903. Three cocoas of African origin (Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast) come together to give this character and this very particular taste recognizable among a thousand. As thick as you want, it can be "eaten" more than it is drunk. The beverage comforting ultimate.

angelina, 226 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

The Proust at the Ritz

The pastry chef Francois Perret enjoyed the golden hours of the Ritz and its Proust salon. Its French tea time and an enchantment and the tasty Grand Cru hot chocolate that it serves there is not there for nothing. You can also savor the hot chocolate of the moment which changes according to the seasons and is eaten like a pastry.

The Proust Salon at the Ritz, 15 place Vendôme, 75001 Paris

Sebastien Gaudard

Nestled under the arcades, you can see thousands of delicacies through large windows: candied fruit, pastries with airy puff pastry, petit fours with evocative names, refined pastries, spectacular cakes and other confectionery from yesteryear... Sebastien Gaudard gives pride of place to a selection of treats that awaken childhood memories and buried emotions. Eclairs, nuns, Saint-Honoré, Paris-Brest, Commercy madeleines, tartlets… So many delicacies to accompany with a good hot chocolate.

Sebastien Gaudard tea room, 1 rue des Pyramides 75001 Paris. 01 71 18 24 70

The Flash of Genius

You've probably already heard of L'Eclair de Génie for its irresistible pastries. However, are you familiar with their hot chocolates? They are simply divine! Their version with a chocolate flower that blooms when hot liquid is poured into it is particularly remarkable. An experience as aesthetic as it is delicious!

Flash of Genius, 122 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

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