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Le Taillevent: the restaurant that magnifies the gesture in the dining room

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The epicenter of culinary art and oenology, Le Taillevent remains the very incarnation of a restaurant anchored in the purest French tradition.

Au Taillevent, the refined and indulgent culinary art of the Chef, distinguished by two stars, Giuliano Sperandio, blends harmoniously with the exceptional cellar full of 3 references. Meanwhile, the French service reveals the climax of a excellent know-how.

Le Taillevent: a legendary service since 1946

Le Taillevent

Committed to preserving the cultural heritage. entrusted to him, Giuliano Sperandio is fully committed to the preservation of history. By diving into the twists and turns of the past, he becomes aware of the crucial importance of room service.

A founding element since 1946 within this residence run by master restorers. His sensitivity guided him towards the preservation of this base. Essential to the customer experience!

The term " Maison » has a deep meaning at Taillevent. Where each guest is welcomed with refinement and delicacy. Warm hospitality, the lively atmosphere of the room quickly gives a glimpse of a moment to come marked by generosity, but also joy.

The importance of the gesture

The art of gesture, initially initiated in the kitchen, continues elegantly in the dining room. Thus, it becomes the subtle theater of manual intelligence. The gesture turns out to be the very essence of Taillevent. Such a score, flaming, cutting and seasoning last minute events punctuate the meal, livening up each table. The gestures, repeated from one table to another, are executed with precision, always imbued with singularity. In fact, it is the human who takes center stage here !

Du lobster flambéed with peated whiskey to the superb contised poultry, each haute cuisine dish is prepared with consummate art. Served in silver utensils and porcelain, the service reaches heights of refinement.

Thus, this experience Tailleventesque » proves that the gesture becomes the symbol of sharing and exceptional conviviality. No one can dispute that the gesture embodies the very soul of Taillevent, intimately linked to its history and, above all, anchored in the modernity.

Le Taillevent – 15 Rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris

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